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Cheltenham LOVE Manifesto
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There is a long tradition of enlightenment and spiritual searching in Gloucestershire, with  many long established practitioners basing themselves in the county. As you can see from the clipping below, there has been a MBS fair at this location, consistently, for nearly twenty years.

The venue is a fine example of later Georgian architecture with a long and interesting history http://www.cheltenhamtownhall.org.uk/pumproom/history/

In recent years it has served as a base for election counts, music festivals as well as a film set for amongst other programmes, The House of Eliott!


The venue sets the tone for over 40 varied exhibitors to come together for the annual Gloucestershire’s Mind Body & Soul Weekend, as we now call it.

We run three free talks and workshops in the magnificent upper room, while the event itself is held in the main hall with its spectacular ceiling and columns.

As always there is free parking at the rear and a good quality, healthy eating menu provided by Fosters Catering.

Old advertisement from Prediction Magazine, JUNE 1993!! A different world, note the 'non-witchy' atmosphere back then :-)

Speakers Exhibitors
Annie Kaszina
Becky Walsh
Cate Mackenzie
Gerry Henderson
Giulia Holland
Joanne Ross & Robert Waghmare
Joe Hoare
John Ferrabee
Joy Hicklin-Bailey
Karen L French
Kim M Phillips
Lindsey The Love Monk
Lisa Lochhead
Lorraine Flaherty
Olivia Roberts
Philip Weeks
Richard Abbot
Rose Todd
Sandy Newbigging
7 Words
A New Belief
Angelic Healing Therapy
Angelite with Angelina Martuccio
Astrocal with Ceri Loxley
Barbara Ward-Breuer
British School of Meditation
Chakra Jewellery & SIlks
Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre
Enneagram Programme
Forever Living Emma Dufeu
Gem Enchantment with Julie Holliday
Glevum Rig
Gloucestershire Reflexologists
Hans Baker
He Hi She Lo Crystals
Hermitage Development Centre
Isbourne Holistic Centre
Joshua Snider
Lloyd Gee
Mary Earle
MInd Body Wisdom with Safaya Salter
Moto's Mobile Massage
Sticks and Stones
Tao Tai Chi
Tera Mai UK Society
The Form - Reality Practice
The Neem People
The Speaking Tree
Winston Hancock
Pittville Pump Room,
East Approach Drive,
GL52 3JE.
Date & Time
20/10/2012 - 21/10/2012
10am - 5pm