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Corrina Kennedy

Corrina’s personal healing journey began in 1986 on consulting her G.P. about recurring ‘flu-like symptoms. He diagnosed nervous exhaustion and prescribed two weeks rest from work. Corrina was doing well in her sales and marketing career at that time and accepted that high stress levels went with territory. In her searchfor better health she spoke to her friend Marlene Williams at their local gym, who recommended Nature’s Sunshine Hops & Valerian supplement to help with better sleep.

A few years later, another friend asked if she could practice her Touch for Health kinesiology home work on Corrina. The results were so amazing that Corrina signed up for classes herself and the journey towards creating Pathway Balancing had begun.

Corrina qualified in kinesiology in 1994 and as a Touch for Health Instructor in 1995. The unique insights for Pathway Balancing began to come through in 1996 with the words ‘Divine Power’. Since then Corrina has received guidance from Spirit that has resulted in an amazing journey of increasing personal fulfilment.

There have been many challenges along the way including a divorce that involved several court hearings that threatened to financially destroy all that Corrina had worked to build over the years. By listening to Divine wisdom, Corrina has won through against impossible odds and is now running a successful teaching and therapeutic practice that has grown by 27% in 2012. Sue Preston-Eyles and Jolene Ironside joined Pathway Balancing in 2011 as practitioners and associates.

To discover more about Pathway Balancing, Corrina Kennedy or to shop direct for professional grade supplements, visit our website at: www.pathwaybalancing.co.uk

For specific questions or to book an appointment, workshop place or training course, e-mail us at: info@pathwaybalancing.co.uk